A poem for a comparing heart

Maybe open your mind rather than your eyes. Comparisons do not work in this world. He is not him, no, you should know that and you are not her. 

Even when you’re straining your eyes to see his crimson lips, silky skin and perfect curls, he is not him, no one is. So stop squinting to blur your vision so that you can pretend that he is him. He is not him. 

Wow, are you questioning your sanity? Didn’t you just think you we’re beautiful yesterday? Why is her photo making you uncomfortable? You are not her. Stop squinting your eyes, you were beautiful until you started squinting. Stop trying to see her when all you will ever see in the mirror is you. You are not her. 

You are not her because you are you. You were beautiful yesterday and you’re still beautiful today. How long will it take you to realize that? Don’t ever squint your eyes again because once they’re closed, you will never be the same at heart. Open not only your eyes, open your mind, open your heart, so you can love someone, someone that’s not him. 

He is not him, he is himself and he deserves to be treated with equal love because he loves you and he sees you, can you finally see him? 


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